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For anyone supplementing their diet with nutritional products such as protein or sports nutrition products, it is important that there is as much knowledge as possible of possible effects on the body. Products should be chosen carefully and only used if necessary and suitable for the individual involved.

The fitness industry has developed to not only promote healthy lifestyle but as an opportunity for brands and companies to design many thousands of products for professional athletes. Many supplements are available for amateurs with no prescription to determine if these dangerous products are safe in their hands.

This course examines the role of vitamins and minerals in maintaining good health, the reference nutrient intake (RNI) for vitamins and minerals and the factors which affect absorption. We will explore the term ‘superfoods’ and whether such foods can be beneficial for health. We will look at the importance of hydration for health and performance. We will explore the most common supplements that can enhance performance.

Knowledge is your key to success in an industry which can be quite complicated. Profi Fitness will help you understand every aspect of supplementation and make your own opinion.

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