Fitness, Health and Nutrition Course


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For those who wish to begin training as a fitness instructor / personal trainer or just to learn about fitness, health and nutrition for health benefits.
This fitness, health and nutrition distance learning course teaches learners how to assess fitness levels and how to evaluate current state of health. It helps answer questions about lifestyle and to pinpoint the changes that may need to be made.

All assignments and programmes in the course are designed to be safe as well as effective. As learners proceed through the course the knowledge needed to recognise a safe (or unsafe) weight control and exercise programme will be acquired.

Course Contents

  1. Skeletal system
  2. Physical fitness for a healthier life
  3. Cardio Repiratory system
  4. Flexibility, stretching and relaxation
  5. The nuts and bolts of nutrition
  6. Muscles and resistance training
  7. Diets, eating disorders
  8. Excercise for special populations
  9. Commercial trends, insurance, liability
  10. Careers in fitness
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