Is Online Learning For You?

When choosing Online Learning many students have doubts if it is the correct option for them. Why not check out the check list below to see if an Online Learning Course could be well suited to your circumstances..

  • Are you looking for proof of continuous professional development and attainment?
  • Are you unemployed and lacking necessary skills to enter the jobs market?
  • Have you always had an interest in an area but never got the opportunity to study it formally?
  • Do you want to increase your opportunities for progression by learning new skills?
  • Do you need a form of learning that is both convenient and affordable in order to achieve your learning objectives?
  • Are you unable to go to a traditional school setting due to lack of transport or mobility issues?
  • Are you a manager lacking in certain knowledge/skills to deal with a changing workplace?
  • Are you looking for a QQI qualification that will allow you to progress to higher education? (Check certification offered by course if this option describes you)
  • Would you like to get a degree from a Higher Education Institute? (Check certification offered by course if this option describes you)

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