Advantages of Online Learning

Whether influenced by personal, professional or practical reasons there are many factors which favour online learning. Some distance learners prefer to study on their own at home because remote learning is their only option, whilst others like the privacy and support available through this way of studying. Another added attraction; most e-earning courses don’t have a set start date, so this allows for flexibility and alleviates any pressure associated with an admission date. Prospective students can also act immediately on their need to learn rather than waiting for a future start date and then progress at their own pace.

Online education has distinctive benefits over traditional education. Currently, in Ireland, the majority of online students are over the age of 24, and this cohort is made up of unemployed and employed people – skilled and unskilled. In an increasingly competitive employment market; everybody is looking for that extra edge to ensure they stand out from other job applicants or others in line for that much sought after promotion.

In undertaking an online learning course in itself, you are demonstrating transferable skills, such as: ability to work independently, taking initiative and organisation skills. In addition to what you present to future employees, people who undertake distance learning courses have relayed how they feel more confident and happier in themselves in having something to work towards that gives them a sense of achievement.

Who is Distance Learning for?

  • Those who are seeking a career change
  • Those who wish to widen their career opportunities
  • Those who wish to set-up their own business
  • Employees wishing to enhance their skills
  • Managers/supervisors
  • Owners of businesses
  • Those seeking creative or leisurely pursuits

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